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  • Written by 24 expert marketers with years of proven experience and every chapter includes real-world case study
  • If you’re serious about B2B success, having Advice from the Top within arm’s reach of your marketing campaign is a must

Presented by BMA Colorado

Get your B2B marketing game on with 24 marketing experts cheering you from the stands.

In BMA Colorado’s first ever book publication, 24 BMA Colorado members share their corporate, agency, and consulting expertise with fresh insights into what marketing strategies are working today, or not.

In this book’s four sections, you will learn how to be relevant and timely as you:

  • Build a marketing strategy
  • Develop content
  • Implement your marketing plan
  • Measure your sweet success

Read what your competition will read.

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Table of Contents


1 From Zero to Strategy: Mining the Info-Sphere for Marketing Insights – Marcy Phelps

2 How to Develop Winning Marketing Plans – Tom Kennedy

3 The Power of Who: Creating a Fully Integrated Marketing Program – Brett A. Schklar

4 Expand Your Pipeline Through Integrated Teleprospecting – Orlin Camerlo

5 Keys to Creating a Successful Customer-Retention Plan – Lisa A. Miller

6 Successfully Managing the Customer Experience – Dr. Charles H. Patti

7 Five Critical Success Factors for Entrepreneurs – Larry Brummond


8 A Roadmap for Conversion-Driven Marketing – Sam Eidson

9 Mastering Persuasive B2B Sales Writing Techniques – Casey Demchak

10 Why Value-Based Content Is King – Marian Robinson

11 Telling Your Company Story From the Inside Out – Carla Johnson

12 Ten Steps to Integrating Social Media – Tom Schippert

13 Just Give Me the Facts: Literalism vs. Symbolism in B2B Advertising – Dr. Maria van Dessel and Dr. Charles H. Patti


14 Improving Partner Relationships in Today’s Competitive Landscape – Scott Gillum

15 Ensuring Marketing Success Through Strategic Execution – Laurie Lavelle

16 Using PR 2.0 to Increase Your Brand’s Competitive Edge – Yann Ropars

17 Inbound Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Strategies – Michael Ward

18 Marketing and Sales — Friends or Foes? –Kevin Thomas

19 Best Practices for Sales Enablement – Cheryl A. Smith and Lisa Haldeman

20 Inside Mirror Marketing Psychology – Melanie Hughes Goetz


21 Driving ROI Into Today’s Marketing Programs – Byron O’Dell

22 Maximizing Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) – Sandra Zoratti and Lee Gallagher

23 Proven Direct Marketing Demand Generation Techniques – David Ariss and Susan Fantle

24 Using Voice of the Customer (VOC) to Measure Event Success – Barry Seidenstadt

“If you’re looking for a broad range of B2B marketing wisdom, this book is a must have from pros. A shining example of the IP our BMA members have and are willing to share.”
- Al Maag, Chief Communications Officer, Avnet and President, BMA Phoenix

“This book is like having 24 experts in your carry-on. It’s instant access to proven best practices. Soon as I finished Charles Patti’s chapter on Customer Experience Marketing I called a troubled client and reeled off a few nuggets. My client said, “This is the kind of thinking we need to lift our NPS. Let’s talk Monday.”
- John Favalo, Managing Partner, Eric Mower and Associates Group B2B

BMA Colorado is a 13-time national BMA Chapter of the Year award winner.

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